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By leveraging miles and points redemption strategies, we offer premium travel options at sharply discounted rates to frequent, long-haul, international travelers.



Zach Resnick started EasyPoint after working at The Points Guy. He experienced first hand, the gap between the information on travel and points blogs and the ease of actually implementing the advice for yourself or your business. Zach would tell friends and family what cards to get and articles to read, but they often still came back with questions or had issues along the way. After enough of these conversations, he realized that not everyone had the same burning desire to learn everything there is to know about both accruing and intelligently spending your miles and points.

EasyPoint helps you all the way through with formulating a miles and points strategy that makes sense for you or your business’s travel and cash-back goals. This includes which cards to apply for and when, what expenses to put on what cards, and most importantly, getting the maximum value from your hard earned miles and points.

Zach got into the game like many others at first - allured at the possibility of traveling for next to nothing just by opening new credit cards. Over 40 cards, 30 frequent flyer and hotel loyalty programs, and countless international trips later, this hobby turned obsession and profession has changed his life.

When he's not helping clients or plotting how to use my own miles for my next trip, he enjoys long walks on the beach, playing poker, and performing music.

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