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EasyPoint Affiliate Program Structure

EasyPoint manages retail and mileage bookings for our clients and our affiliate program varies by the type of booking:

Mileage Booking: When we book a flight for a client using miles that is a mileage booking. Mileage bookings are what EasyPoint specializes in and are how we are able to average our clients 30-40% discounts on business and first class travel. When a client you refer completes  a mileage booking you earn a 2.5% cash commission of the total price of their flight.

Retail Booking:
When we book a retail flight for a client because mileage flights are not available, we charge a $50/ticket fee on these bookings. When a client you refer completes does a retail booking you earn $25. For every client you refer to EasyPoint you will earn commission on their bookings for one year. If the client does two or more bookings in that year then your commission on that client’s bookings is extended for another year. Both retail and mileage bookings count towards the two yearly bookings.

Double Your Value:
All earnings may be converted to EasyPoint credit at a 2x value, so if you have plans to travel yourself, we would be happy to assist you with your getaway in business & first class!  Flights must be available in EasyPoint mileage inventory to take advantage of this offer.

Example Affiliate Referral:
As an example, you refer a client to EasyPoint in January 2019. They book four mileage flights with EasyPoint before January 2020 at an average cost of $4,000 per ticket. You would earn 2.5% of $16,000 or $400 in pay and your earning period on that clients bookings would be extended until January 2021 because they booked two or more flights in that year. If those client’s bookings were retail bookings your commission on their bookings would still be extended another year, but you would receive $100 as a 50% share of the $200 they paid in booking fees on their 4 flights. As a reference, ~80% of EasyPoints flights are mileage bookings, with an average price of $2,500 - $3,000 per booking.  

2019 Mileage Bookings: 4
Average Cost of Ticket: $4,000
Total Ticket Cost: $16,000
Commission (2.5%): $400
EasyPoint Credit Value (2x): $800

If you need a little inspiration, here are some examples our current clientele who see the most value out of our product:

Last minute flyer, investors, executives, high-end international consultants, those that never consider flying economy for long haul flights, have mission critical nature to their business where they prefer or that requires them to often book one ways.

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