EasyPoint Affiliate Partner Program

Glad you’re considering us, a typical affiliate pay-out on a round trip international premium cabin flight is $300. Help us book 5 roundtrips a month and earn at least $1500 every month.Join today and start earning on bookings. Sign up is free and easy!

Requirements of the Program

1) At least three introductions per month
2) Minimum bookings required: Two international First/Business class tickets per month

Commissions are based on how many bookings you have brought EasyPoint that month.
≤ 3 Bookings: 15% of ticket profit
4 – 9 Bookings: 20% of ticket profit
10 – 24 Bookings: 25% of ticket profit
25 – 50 Bookings: 30% of ticket profit
50 + Bookings: 35% of ticket profit

Who Are Our Clients?
To date we’ve had the most success amongst those working in small financial services firms and blockchain broadly speaking. Our target clients are investors, executives, high-end international consults, or any other high wealth individual who travels often for business or leisure.

Below are four qualities that we look for in any potential client.

Would never consider flying economy for long haul flights

Has a mission critical nature to their business or lifestyle where they prefer, or that requires them, to often book one ways

Often books last minute

Flies long haul internationally in business or first class at least 2x times per month
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How to Refer a Client
When referring a new client, it is a best practice to make the introduction personally over one of our three preferred channels: email, WhatsApp, or Telegram. For each of these channels create either a WhatsApp or Telegram group or shoot an email to our full concierge team. Upon first contact, EasyPoint automatically logs who referred the client.

For clients that prefer trying us out via the automated booking form, at the beginning of the program you will be provided with a unique referral code.