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Allison, Restaurateur

Allison, Restaurateur

Allison is a restaurant owner that spends 250k on a credit card and 150k in other expenses.

Before EasyPoint:

Allison used one credit card that averaged 2.0% cash-back.

After EasyPoint:

Alison is now using three cards and averaging 3.5% in cash-back and miles and points.


Alison received three bonuses when she signed up for those cards that together are worth $2600.


Saved - $ 11,200


Allison’s main travel goal was maximizing her miles for extended trips around the world in business class.

Just six months after she received her EasyPoint Plan of Attack, Allison was able to go from NYC to Paris, Paris to Morocco, Morocco to South Africa, and South Africa back to NYC all with points, and of course all in business.