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By leveraging miles and points redemption strategies, we offer premium travel options at sharply discounted rates to frequent, long-haul, international travelers.

Matt, General Practitioner

Matt, General Practitioner

Matt has a solo practice that spends 60k on credit cards and 40k in other expenses.

Before EasyPoint:

Matt used one credit card for his business that averaged .8% cash-back.

After EasyPoint:

Matt is using two new credit cards that average 2.5% cash-back on his business.


Matt received two bonuses when he signed up for those cards that together are worth $1700.


Saved - $6,400


Matt’s main travel goal was taking more domestic vacations with his family.

EasyPoint gave him a framework to use his newfound points so after 9 months he was able to take his 5 person family to Hawaii and stay at 5 star hotels only with points.