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Wendy Hoffman

Wendy Hoffman

Wendy is mother of three that manages the finances for her household - her family spends 175k annually on a credit/debit card and pays 150k annually on her mortgages and other expenses.


Wendy averaged 1.75% cash-back and rarely across two credit cards.


With all that Wendy spent on groceries, amazon, and travel, with just three new credit cards Wendy was able to start averaging 5% in return on spend.


The bonuses for these three cards added up to $2800.


EasyPoint helped Wendy negotiate with her landlord to put their mortgage payment for their second home on a credit card, as well as pay her utilities for both homes on credit card profitably. Now 90k of her expenses previously paid by check are now earning points.


Saved - $13,500


Wendy likes to fly business class, but saves that for luxury for trips with her husband. Most of her travel is done with her family of five.

Within a year of working with EasyPoint, Wendy was able to take the whole family from New York to California and back, as well as take two vacations with her husband to Europe in business class.

“Zach is the best! I always thought I was good about using points before, but Zach helped me take two vacations I didn’t think would be possible mainly using points.”