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Let us help you manage your miles and points!

EasyPoint helps you all the way through with formulating a miles and points strategy that makes sense for you or your business’s travel and cash-back goals. This includes which cards to apply for and when, what expenses to put on what cards, and most importantly, getting the maximum value from your hard earned miles and points.


Who we can help:


EasyPoint has experience with the many challenges and opportunities unique to implementing a miles and points strategy for business owners. This includes approaches for negotiating with vendors to be able to pay profitably with a credit card, implementing new cards to your portfolio without creating an accounting nightmare, and understanding how to choose the best credit cards for business-level category spend.


EasyPoint understands that miles and points are worth different amounts to everyone - we build a strategy for you that helps you achieve your travel and cashback goals no matter what they be. Whether it’s sending your grandma on her first business class flight, bringing the family to Hawaii and back all on miles, or staying at the nicest resort in the Maldives with points, EasyPoint has you covered.


What our clients are saying:


We're always focusing on getting you the 'Easy Points'!

This means maximum return for the least amount of your time.


On average every individual client has increased their miles and points balances for the next year by $7300.

On average every business client has increased their miles and points balances for the next year by $18,500.


The Easypoint Guarantee

If we can't increase your miles/points balances by a value of at least TWICE the fee you've paid, you get ALL your money back AND an additional $1000.


Check out a sample Easypoint Plan of Attack:

A completed miles and points and strategy personalized for each client


Not convinced?

Let’s talk about the outstanding value that can be had from formulating a personalized miles and points strategy!

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