EasyPoint - Your team of mile and point experts
By leveraging miles and points redemption strategies, we offer premium travel options at sharply discounted rates to frequent, long-haul, international travelers.

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EasyPoint is the secret weapon for frequent and international fliers who prefer first or business.

Why We are Able to Get the Best Deals on Premium Cabin Fares: 

We’re hackers ourselves.  For six years, our team has been figuring out the backend systems of every airline in the world.  We have built an extensive network of global travel partners that give us access to booking methods and inventory that are not available to the public.  We can quickly see the direction prices are going, and know exactly when to book a flight to get the best deal available, every time.  

How We Work for You:

Our team of flight experts (yes, real people) act as your dedicated personal assistant to manage all your air travel, accessible through your messaging apps.  

  1. You submit a flight request via DM or the automated booking form, and our concierge will contact you about your trip and preferences.

  2. We immediately get to work - comparing routes, airlines and and even the type of aircraft and associated airports - to ensure you have the best pricing, itinerary and experience possible from lounge to landing.

  3. You sit back and enjoy the service of having travel taken care of by our experts, allowing you refocus on the life and work that matters.


It’s easy. That’s the point. 


Who are Our Clients?

We specialize in serving founders, executives and consultants.


CEOs & Fund Managers


Founders & Traveling Teams


International Consultants & Digital Nomads


What Our Clients are Saying:


Points Optimization Plans


EasyPoint also helps you all the way through with formulating a miles and points strategy that makes sense for you or your business’s travel and cash-back goals. This includes which cards to apply for and when, what expenses to put on what cards, and most importantly, getting the maximum value from your hard earned miles and points.