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By leveraging miles and points redemption strategies, we offer premium travel options at sharply discounted rates to frequent, long-haul, international travelers.


Find the plan that best describes you!


Plans for Consumers

Consumer plans are for the average person looking to take their miles and points earn and burn to the next level. We'll go over your current credit card portfolio, existing miles + points balances, spending habits, credit history, and travel + cash-back goals.

This conversation will allow Easypoint to make the best personalized recommendations for you.



 Consumer plans include:
A personalized Easypoint Plan of Attack 
Two One on One consultations
 Quarterly Reviews to answer questions









Plans for Frequent Travelers

The Frequent Travel plans are for those that wants to maximize their travel like never before. Do multiple luxury vacations for pennies on the dollar excite you? Maybe it's more vacations with your family? No matter what motivates you, we have you covered.

Let EasyPoint help you travel for fewer miles and dollars than you thought were possible. When you buy the frequent traveler package, relax and let us book all your flights, both mileage and normal tickets.



Frequent Travel plans include:
Everything in the Consumer Plans 
Personal Milage & Point Assistance for 1 year
 Unlimited Email Support for 1 year




or $749 + $75 per month



or $999 + $125 per month



or $1299 + $200 per month


Plans for Businesses

Business Plans include all services provided in the consumer plans with all the nuances tailored for the business world.

Different credit card products are available for consumers and businesses - often the best consumer cards' business equivalent won't be the best product on the market.

There are typically more ways to add value in terms of shifting expenses traditionally paid by check or debit to a points earning credit card. Vendors, utilities, and much more is often more negotiable than you might expect.

For business level spending there are unintuitive ways to increase rewards and cash-back like which retailers to buy staple products. The type of transaction is coded by what merchant you shop at, not actually what the product is. 



Getting Started


  • A personalized Easypoint Plan of Attack
  • One on One Consultation
  • Quartely Reviews to answer questions

In Your Corner


or $999 + $200 per month

  • Everything in the Getting Started
  • Personal Milage & Point Assistance
  • Unlimited Email Support

Dedicated Premium


  • Everything in the In Your Corner Plan
  • Full service, no strings attached
  • Personal Travel Agent
  • An on-site Easypoint Agent

The Dedicated Premium Plan is for the business owner looking for someone not to just formulate a miles and points strategy, but to manage and execute it.

Absolute full service, no strings attached.

No need to use an outside travel agent or deal with booking travel yourself, let EasyPoint ensure you get the maximum value on your hard earned points.

The Dedicated Premium service acts as your personal travel agent service for your ENTIRE business - ALL miles/points + cash travel bookings for all employees and all immediate family of the business owner.

With the Dedicated Premium service, you get an personal EasyPoint agent at all hours by your preferred method of communication, and can even be on site in select cities.


Our Guarantee 

If we can't increase your miles/points balances by a value of at least TWICE the fee you've paid, you get ALL your money back AND an additional $1000.

Focusing on the ‘Easy Points’ Can Make You Hundreds An Hour


After having worked with EasyPoint, our client Zach increased his miles and points balances by about $10,000 in the first 12 months following him receiving the EasyPoint Plan of Attack. When you factor in all his time spent including the consults with EasyPoint, a couple hours each quarter to apply to new cards, setting up auto-pay on his new cards, and the occasional phone call to the bank, Zach made more than $715 an hour for 14 hours of work over the course of the year. This value was not manifested in dollars, but in multiple domestic and international trips.


Still not Convinced?

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