EasyPoint - Your team of mile and point experts
By leveraging miles and points redemption strategies, we offer premium travel options at sharply discounted rates to frequent, long-haul, international travelers.

What we do

How we help you.

Once you purchase an Easypoint plan - you are immediately booked for the next available consult session.

Over two one-hour sessions we will finalize your personalized plan!


Session one

We discuss your current miles and points strategy.

This includes your existing credit card portfolio, miles and points balances, comfort level with multiple credit cards, as well as your travel and cash-back goals. I learn the nuances of your personal situation and begin to formulate your personalized EasyPoint Plan of Attack. While our first session is an opportunity to learn more about you, throughout this conversation, I give you an overview of the major transferable point currencies, which programs are better for certain travel goals, the best general cards for certain categories of spending, and how I like to think more generally about using miles and points for travel.


Session two

We break down your personalized EasyPoint Plan of Attack.

This session is an opportunity for you to ask any questions about the implementation of the plan including the specific mileage redemptions you should be considering for the upcoming year. I will answer any questions remaining as well as anything else related to miles, points, spending strategies, and travel. After this conversation you’ll be all prepared to apply for your new cards, know which cards to use for all your major expense categories, and start traveling in style for pennies on the dollar!


After your first consult session you will receive an

Easypoint Plan of Attack:

This is a completed miles and points and strategy personalized for each client. This will include:

-credit cards to apply for the next year, broken down into four quarters


-How to profitably shift as many of your expenses as possible to a credit card


 -Which credit cards to use for routine expenses


-How to spend your projected miles and points balances for the first year



Check out a sample Plan of Attack!

Our pricing varies on your needs.


EasyPoint always focuses on the low hanging fruit!

On average every individual client has increased their miles and points balances for the next year by $7,300.

On average every business client has increased their miles and points balances for the next year by $18,500.